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McFleezy News

McFleezy on Toolroom baby!

25th of July
I am very proud to announce, I have crossed another label off my bucketlist. Felix Cat is out on Toolroom 2nd of August, and I couldn't be more excited!


26th of June
Excited for these two smashers of records to come out on the 28th. Guarenteed, I repeat guarenteed to shake up the dancefloor, these are two of my strongest tracks to date.


5th of June
New two tracker available now for free on Noir Sur Blanc. Grab it while it's hot! This is kind of my farewell to my "old" style, since I will focus more and more on the Techy side of House music ;').

#9 BABY!!!

5th of May
My This Ain't Bristol release is doing well in the Beatport Tech House Top 100. And that makes me happy lil gal. Make sure you grab a copy via the link below. It'll help me out tremendously!


22nd of April
So in lieu of my pending release with This Ain't Bristol, we thought we would be a stand up bunch of guys and give you one of these awesome songs for free. DL "Choo Choo" via the link below.

This Ain’t Bristol EP!!!

16th of April
My EP on This Ain't Bristol, one of my favorite labels ever, is almost out! So excited to get to share the previews with you. Click the link below to take a gander.

New release: Champagne Room

25th of March
Tasty collab with San Diego-based Luke Andy, coming out on House of Hustle's "Miami Hustle" compilation. Pre-order you copy now!

House music - at its core is all about being bold and taking chances. This is what Mike lays at the foundation of his productions.

Influenced by the French House wave of the early 2000’s, Mike began producing his own music by trying to emulate his heroes and failing miserably in his quest. He did however developed his own personal style in the process, that grew more techy, and bassy over the years. Fast forward a few years and it’s clear that McFly’s stock is on the rise. With releases on Dirtybird’s “Select” imprint, tastemaker label This Ain’t Bristol and Green Velvet’s Relief Records, his name echoes around more and more within the Underground House scene.

Mike has gained support by some of the biggest names in the industry, including: Claude VonStroke, Afrojack, Green Velvet, Walker & Royce, Groove Armada, Destructo, Fedde Le Grand, Kyle Watson, LO’99, Maximono, Bad Boy Bill and Weiss (UK), which supports the theory that Mike McFly truly is on to something.

“With his quirky leads, heavy, rolling basses and sub-rumbling drumlines, the Dutchman never fails to deliver an authentic sounding track.”

Excerpt taken from a feature on Insomniac.com

Join my mentor program

I am very excited to share with you that I can help you fine tune your songwriting process! I have been producing for about a decade, and in this decade, I have learned a lot. Mostly by failing, I will tell you. But, this is exactly why I can give you the shortcuts to being an effective, driven, song finishing, kick ass producer.
Q: So what will you help me with exactly?
My mentor program focuses on the mental game, as much as the technical baggage you need to have in order to write a cool track. It is my believe that every idea, every ambition and the ability to fulfill that ambition stems from the mind, which is why it is important to not stare yourself blind on tutorials and mixing techniques. That being said, my mentor program is specifically tailored to individuals, which means that in our first few sessions, we will figure out where we can gain the most ground. It’s all about progression.
Tired of not finishing tracks? I was in the same boat. But I have taught myself a few simple tricks that I am now ready to share through my mentor program. Since I have employed these methods, I have released records on labels such as Dirtybird, Relief Records, This Ain’t Bristol and Armada Music.
Q: Who made you king of production buddy?
Well, that is a valid question. By no means do I think I have written the book on being productive as a producer, but I do feel I have developed a certain methodology that allowed me to finish songs faster and be as productive as I can be. I am ready to share these tips and tricks, so you can become a production Jedi. During the last six months that I have been running this one-on-one mentoring program, my students have signed to bigger and badder labels, and their progression has been tremendous. Of course, as is with all forms of art, practice is king, but my shortcuts are a close second. So try me, let’s speed up the process, let’s finish some bangers and let’s get you signed on your dream label!
Q: So how do we start this thing off and what’s the damage?
For detailed information, please contact me through the contact form. I work with a monthly subscription service. We have four sessions per month, where we discuss your progression, the area’s that need attention and we keep track of your personal goals. During the week I’ll be your guy, when it comes to production related questions (within reason), feel free to contact me. My mentor program also includes unlimited (within reason) feedback on your sketches. I’ll always respond within 24 hours, so you can crack on with my detailed feedback in your back pocket. Hit me up via the contact form below or send me and email via mentoring[at]realmikemcfly.com


Garruk [House of Hustle]

"Mike, in his sessions, has showed me how to work efficiently, so I am loosing less time trying to get down my ideas."
"I am way more productive, since starting the program. He also understands how the music business works nowadays, so he helps me with strategy as well. I would really recommend him as a mentor. In less then 6 months, I went from not having released on a label, to releasing on one of my favorite imprints. On top of that he has taught me a bunch of interesting techniques, that allow me to really crank out the bangers. I am about six months into the process and I'm super happy with the coaching so far!"

Soul Slappa [Housekeepers]

"Mike is a natural mentor. He really helped me out, by showing me how to focus my idea's and get them down quickly."
"He is serious about making you become the best producer you can be. Not cutting into your idea's, but rather building on them, together with you. Having an established producer go through your tracks is so important. Feedback is important and Mike's feedback is the kind that makes you want to do better. It doesn't bring you down, but encourages you to crack on with what you are doing."

Christian Bistany [Daylight Robbery]

"Working with Mike for a short period of time, has upped my level of production and the confidence I have in my ability and my projects."
His feedback is genuine and he is more than eager to make sure I'm pushing myself to try new things in my production process. There are many cool tricks I was unaware of until Mike came along and showed me. There's no doubt that Mike truly cares about my progress. I've been able to sign multiple tracks that he's helped me on and I'm excited to see where his mentorship will take me."

Production Services

Let me help you out with tough mixes, tough arrangements, tracks you just can’t finish or just touch up that banger you’ve nailed for 99 percent. I love production, so much that I am willing to whore myself out because of that love. So try me.

Traditional Mastering
Need a bit of “umphf” to finish that banger off? Well I can do just that for you. With one stem mastering or traditional mastering, you keep control of the direction of the track as much as possible and I crank it up to industry standards, compensate for missing frequencies and give it a bit of analog sauce. Choose this option if you are thinking about releasing a track yourself, or you want to get a nice master of your track for your next set. If you need the master ASAP, I can deliver your mastered track within 24 hours!
Price: € 19,95 euro per session
Stem Mastering
Stem Mastering allows for a bit more flexibility. With this option, I can double check leveling and eqing on individual stems, allowing a more refined mix generally speaking. With stem mastering you automatically get one feedback round, so together we get to the best possible result. This is not something mastering companies would do for you. I employ a limit of 25 stems per mastering session.
Price: € 34,95 euro per session
Mixing Deluxe
With this option, you get all the benefits of the Stem Mastering package, but at the end, when we’ve concluded the project and everything is neat and tidy, I’ll take you through the mixing decisions I have made along the way. This is great if you ultimately want to do your own mixing, because I can give you some tailored advice, specific to your production style.
Price: € 49,95 euro per session
Co Production
Stuck on your idea? Let me help you flesh it out. I won’t take control of your idea’s, but I will provide you with some advice, and ideas on which direction you could take it, before we dive in to the meat and bones. Because every creative undertaking is unique, I can’t give you a price, until we have established what you would need from me, exactly. When co-producing I also take care of mixing and exporting, if needed.
Price: on a per project basis
Q: How do I prepare something for One Stem Mastering?
If we are talking about One Stem mastering – or tradition mastering, it’s pretty easy! I would need a 24 bit 44.1 khz wav or aiff file. Please make sure you deliver at approximately -6db and please keep your limiter off the master channel. A little bit of compression and/or saturation is fine, just make sure there is headroom for me to work with. Please specify a date when you want the master done, in the form below and upload your stems to WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox. Please package as .zip or .rar file.
Q: How do I prepare something for Stem Mastering?
With stem mastering you send me a stem for every major element. I always suggest separating the stems like this. Kick, Clap, Hihats, Percs, Bass, FX, Synth1(2,3,4 etc), Vocal1(2,3,4 etc). I need the files in 24 bit, 44.1 khz and as a wav or aiff. Please label the stems accordingly, it saves me a bunch of time! If you have a reference track, please include it in the stems(s) package. Specify a desired date of completion in the form below and upload your stems to WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox. Make sure to package your stems as .zip or .rar file.
Q: What do I need to prepare for a Co Production?
With Co Production, it’s always good to have a quick little chat up front to make sure there are no misunderstandings about what you would like to see happen. This conversation takes thirty minutes at the most. During our little pre production session, we can decide what the best way of us working together would be. And prepare the files accordingly.

Let's work on it together

If you have any questions regarding my services, feel free to contact me. I am sure I can help you in some form. Just say hi and we will go from there! Please specify why you are contacting me, it helps me keep track of things.